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Why you should build your next PC

Don't buy your next PC. Build it. The advantages are legion. For starters you have complete control over the build. You'll learn more about your machine by building it. You'll be able to pick components from manufacturers that you trust and you won't waste cash on components that aren't important.

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Devil-X1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I have always build my own PC and currently I am in pure love with my latest 2014 build.

ChrisW1478d ago

Same here. I am so up-to-date on my PC that the only thing I need to replace is my GTX680 in about 1-year.

(it's already 2 years old... SIGH!)

Devil-X1478d ago

I was tight on budget somewhat this time round so settled with the Radeon R7 240, it does the job just fine, now I will be looking to upgrade my rig again in atleast after 2 years and probably get a Nvidia too.

Ninte1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

My laptop broke down not long ago and maybe it's time to try something new and build one. How hard can it be and can I build one for under $1000 nz

Devil-X1478d ago

I suggest you build a PC instead if portability isn't an issue. You should be able to build more than just a decent rig for under 1000 nzd. I suggest you go for intel i7 4th gen, get atleast 8 gigs of RAM, 1TB 7200RPM WD hard disk and 1 gb ddr5 GPU, get a decent dwd rw and smps and choose from any gamemax or coolmaster cabinets. I always prefer asus motherboards so you can just look for a decent one that suits your budget.

ChrisW1478d ago

If you have just a little extra cash; buying a small SSD for your C: drive makes seem all the more impressive!

Use a standard HDD for your secondary drive.

Ninte1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

thanks devil-x just wrote that info down and lucky i am using my wii u for the internet

Devil-X1478d ago

You lucky indeed, I don't even have a wii.

Jst kiddin bro, it's all cool.

MWH1478d ago

one of my favorite hobbies and joys, been doing so since 1996 and my newest is 2014. very pleased thank God.