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Europe will make Ariane rockets more competitive with SpaceX

No, not "airline" rockets. Ariane rockets. According to The Wall Street Journal, EU ministers are finally about to approve plans for a more affordable version of the Ariane series -- the same family that launched Rosetta back in 2004. What counts as affordable when developing a rocket, is reportedly between five and six billion dollars. The European Space Agency makes no secret that its goal is to compete with commercial entities like SpaceX, which already has a program to deliver supplies (and humans) to the ISS. No surprise, given that SpaceX's very own Elon Musk already went on record saying that the current Ariane 5 rocket stands "no chance" against his competition. SpaceX doesn't need to worry just yet though, as the roadmap for Ariane 6 wouldn't see a launch until the end of the decade.

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Devil-X1208d ago

Good to know that someone is planning to give some tough time to spaceX.