Microsoft Sculpt Touch Bluetooth Mouse Review - TechOven

Portable mice are always a key element for road warriors, but connectivity and battery life have been an issue for Bluetooth mice in the past, and we wanted to see if the latest offering from Microsoft had tackled these issues.

For testing we paired the mouse with a Dell E5440 laptop running Windows 7 Pro and also with an Acer T100 Transformer book running Windows 8.1. There is no Bluetooth dongle however, so any device you want to use it with must have Bluetooth included, or you’ll have to buy your own dongle.

Wireless mice can suffer from lag, meaning there is a small delay between the mouse being moved and the pointer responding on screen, however the Microsoft Sculpt Touch has no noticeable issue with this, movements were always responsive, and we never felt we were waiting for the pointer to ‘catch up’.

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