Meet the world's first smartphone with two 1080p displays: Gionee W900

Gionee is a Chinese handset maker known in the Western world for releasing two smartphones that were, at the time of their launch, the thinnest on the market: the Elife S5.5 and the Elife E5.1. Now, Gionee is getting ready to introduce another interesting smartphone: the world's first to sport two 1080p displays.

Called Gionee W900, the smartphone is a clamshell designed to resemble Samsung’s Android flip phones - which seem to be very popular in China. Its internal and external displays both measure 4 inches and offer 1080 x 1920 pixel resolutions (with a pretty crazy 550 ppi density).

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TechImperia1331d ago

Yotaphone crushed in the dust.

Devil-X1331d ago

Hmm..dual 1080p displays, well it sounds cool.

Sahil1328d ago

Gionee elife e7 was a fabulous phone. I would buy gionee products if Vivo didn't exist. For now, Vivo phones are the way to go.