European Parliament passes vote recommending Google to be broken up

In a bid to force Google to play fair in the digital single market, the European Parliament today voted 384 to 174 passing a motion recommending that Google search be split up from other parts of the business. The vote is not legally binding and only serves as a strong message to the regulators and policy makers that can enforce such move.

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fatstarr1326d ago

what do they have to do with a US based company?

Devil-X1326d ago

They don't care where the company is based as long as a company is working inside their territories the company will have to do whatever the government of that country says.

jguzmanr811326d ago

EU is very particular about how companies run their business in their countries...

cemelc1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Yeah particular in that there is so much tax here that you can buy everything outside europe for 30% less. So everyone is doing it...

The only thing this will do is everybody using google moving to bing and when that doesnt work proxys...

TechImperia1326d ago

they should mind there own business

LightofDarkness1325d ago

That's essentially what this is. They don't want a foreign company monopolizing their digital markets at home. If Google wants to trade in the EU, they will play by EU rules. That's minding your own business(es), literally.

360ICE1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

It seems unbelievably safe to assume that you don't know how China works, then. It's not like companies don't play by US rules when they go there. Look up Norwegian Air Shuttle for a recent reference.

I say we get this antitrust party going and take it all the way to the states!

SouthClaw1325d ago

As long as it is not legally binding Google will stick their middle finger up at the EU Parliament and they rightly should.

If Google get forced to do it. As much as they would lose they should just say ok we will shut up shop and go. See how quickly it will cripple things. Jobs lost and revenue lost in those countries. People need to mind their business.

Sahil1325d ago

European fellas aint gonna like this.

TechImperia1325d ago

It will depend on a lot of factors. We can't say just yet.

360ICE1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Competition law! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

Here's my list:
Every bank ever
Phillips 66

And probably some Chinese companies and OPEC (not really a company, but still). Not that anyone has any authority over that.

Oh, my God. I almost forgot about Nestle.

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