Amazon Fire Phone sale cuts price to $200

It seems Amazon has finally realized that the Fire Phone wasn’t going to happen, at least not for the $650 price tag they slapped on it at launch. Consequently, the company has now slashed the Amazon Fire Phone price to an amazing $200 tag, which makes the phone desirable to say the least.

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TechImperia1329d ago

See no reason why would anybody be willing to pay $200 for this phone. 2nd Gen Moto G is still a pretty decent option for less than that.

emilysmithltg1329d ago

I agree. Still, you can't deny that a massive price cut like this proves that Amazon itself is not very happy with how the reception of the Fire Phone turned out.

TechImperia1329d ago

They cannot expect something which they priced ridiculously to sell very well in this competitive smartphone market. they had to price their competitively if they are here to compete. Xiaomi is a good example which has jumped its way to the third biggest smartphone maker in the world by getting their pricing strategy right from the beginning.

KnowTechie1329d ago

I wouldn't recommend anyone buying this phone.

emilysmithltg1329d ago

Yeah, I think that's why it's still not selling, even with the cheap price tag :P

pressjudge1329d ago

China phone in Fire - they should rename it

Devil-X1329d ago

Or they can add just a "D" there to the name so we can call it the "Amazon Fired Phone".

TechImperia1329d ago

that's what happen when you try to do everything
its like jack of trade and master of none

fatstarr1328d ago

except for shipping crap out, but sadly packaging has fallen off and shipping speeds for certain items.

TechImperia1328d ago

there could be time when they will suffer like microsoft for doing to many things

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