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Alleged 5.4" Xperia Z4 specs and pictures leak, coming January 5th alongside a 5.9" Z4 Ultra

It's about two months and change from the grand Xperia Z4 unveiling, if history is any indication, but the rumors are already flying our way fast and furious. First we heard that it will feature a larger display with Quad HD resolution, and that was corroborated by the allegedly leaked screen frame.

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Spiewie 1482d ago

4 GB RAM is insane... The Z series is cancelled coming up with new devices every few months you'll never be up to date with them.

TechImperia1481d ago

and there was a time we were happy with 4 Gb of storage

Devil-X1481d ago

medieval ages right? Because atleast I don't remember a time ever when I was happy with just 4 gigs of storage?

madmonkey011481d ago

i am still happy with 4gb of storage, as i use my phone as a phone, with the occasional internet browsing so cant see what possible reason there would be to need more.

Devil-X1481d ago

May be you're right I should stop using my phone as a replacement for my server computer.