Samsung might offer themes in the newer version of TouchWiz

Samsung, along with HTC, were one of the first Android device vendors to start customising Android UI and add various useful features, which were unavailable in stock Android. Samsung’s TouchWiz offers a lot of useful features, apps, and services, but themes were never on the offer. Even the latest high-end devices such as the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge don’t offer themes yet, but the folks over at have been able to unearth the upcoming feature. The device shown in the leaked images, which might possibly be the Galaxy A3 or the Galaxy A5, gives us a glimpse of various themes which might be offered in the future versions of TouchWiz. This upcoming feature might offer an ability to change colour schemes, sounds, icons, backgrounds, and some other aspects of the UI, but we don’t have all the details as of now. It isn’t clear whether the existing devices will be updated with an ability to change themes, but we’re anticipating that the high-end devices might be able to get the feature after a software update.

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Devil-X1331d ago

Still you can't beat sony when it comes to offering themes.

Sahil1327d ago

That's... not a bad idea per se... They could even launch individual themes on the Play Store. Neat concept overall.