Lamborghini will launch a super-smartphone

When an iPhone isn’t premium enough, what do you go for? There are a plenty of smartphones out there for back pocket millionaires, but the soon-to-be-launched Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri is on a level of its own.

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Devil-X1331d ago

This one's a real devil's phone \<>/

TechImperia1331d ago

Man that would be expensive

Dasteru1331d ago

FYI. Automobili Lamborghini and Tonino Lamborghini are not the same company. This phone is not being made by a car manufacturer.

Devil-X1331d ago

There is still a relation between the two companies as the tonino Lamborghini is founded by the son of founder of the Automobili Lamborghini. Yea, but agreed that practically they are two different companies.