Second-generation OnePlus One's details leaked

OnePlus, the Chinese tech startup that created the super hard-to-find OnePlus One, is already planning to launch a new phone next year.

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Devil-X1118d ago

Can't wait anymore, OnePlus is really an amazing brand to say the least.

franwex1118d ago

Dammit! I just got mine finally, now they are coming out w/ a newer one! LOL!

TechImperia1117d ago

what about its performance

franwex1115d ago

exceeded expectations!

Spiewie 1117d ago

I got the 'invite' yesterday and them it said that they don't ship to Ireland... Very frustrating brand if you ask me. I'll be sticking with the nexus 5 for a while.

Devil-X1117d ago

They don't ship to my country either but you can always work it around if you are that willing to buy. head over to their forum for details, just in case.

TechImperia1117d ago

why work so hard its better go for another brand because if they does't ship to a country that mean if you import to that country than you will not get waranty

Spiewie 1117d ago

Too much effort the phone isn't that great.

Sahil1112d ago

Those specs look impressive, well done for that price.