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MSI X99S Gaming 7 Motherboard Review | GES

GES-SA writes: "I had the chance to play with MSI’s X99S Gaming 7 motherboard and was it a sight for sore eyes! With an overall black finish and a Hint of MSI red it would really fit into a custom built Black pc with Red lighting…sorry my thoughts wandered there for a bit.

Coming back to the board and what we find inside the packaging, MSI did not opt for the normal glossy packaging but something really unique. Opening up the box we find the first thing we see is the awesome motherboard. Below the motherboard we find the rest of the goodies; user manual, a brochure on other MSI products, 2 SLI bridges, 6 Sata cables, your IO backplate and then something interesting, stickers to label your sata cables. Now this really tickled my interest as you always sit with the problem if you have more than one sata drive that you do not know which drive to unplug, these stickers solves that problem. Speaking of Sata, this board boasts 10 sata ports(2 for SATA Express). So if you are a data hoarder or just have so many games you will be sorted in the disc space area. Another good feature that I really like is that it supports the M.2 Sata socket, this would give you extra storage space and frees up sata ports. MSI even went so far as to give you a taste of what they offer on the Gaming 7's bigger brother the Gaming 9, a 6 month premium license for XSplit Gamecaster. Now for all you overclockers there is a boat load of overclocking features, from onboard overclocking buttons to debugging LED's."

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