China lifts ban on Facebook for select few

Blink and you'll miss it: Facebook is unbanned in China for three days.
China is hosting an Internet conference this week in Wuzhen, a sleepy town located about halfway between Shanghai and Hangzhou, the headquarters of e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba

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ChrisW1335d ago

Ahhh... China's perversed concept of Communism. Pathetic!

Sahil1328d ago

You can get FB in China all the time by using a VPN. Service is spotty though, and often after 10-15 minutes, you must reconnect via the VPN. I actually found it more reliable to use a VPN with my phone + 4G service than to use my laptop. Chinese people know how to get FB, using a VPN, but most are simply not interested for the same reasons we do not use Weibo (their friends are on Weibo + it is in Chinese). I tried Weibo and WeChat Apps while I was there and found WeChat to be superior to FB messenger. So there is no real reason for a Chinese person to want to use FB.

Sahil1328d ago

Lol. China...when will you learn to stop acting like it is the bad 'ol day of the Cold War?

Sahil1328d ago

ook, CNN,...most foreigners living in China -- plus many Chinese people -- use secure VPNs to surf the web to bypass the censorship barriers. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even The Epoch Times are all easily accessible from within mainland China. You said only a "select few" can access Facebook??? Get your facts straight!