VetiGel, A Plant-Based Gel That Can Stop Bleeding in 20 Seconds When Applied to a Wound

VetiGel is a gel created by Brooklyn-based biotech startup Suneris that is made from plant-based polymers that are able to stop bleeding in 20 seconds when applied to a wound, working in congress with the human body’s natural healing processes. Bloomberg interviewed Suneris CEO/NYU student Joe Landolina about the product, which is still in the testing phase.

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Devil-X1336d ago

I Hope Groot has nothing to do with it :P

kingPoS1335d ago

Actual medi-gel... I hadn't thought come to pass for another 5 years. Tech sure moves fast. Now all we need is an efficient compact electrolysis chamber that catalyzs and the pumps out a high yeild of hydrogen.