New leak gives another look at what Lollipop will look like on your HTC One (M8)

There have been a lot of great Android phones released this year but we still have a soft spot in our hearts for the HTC One (M8), which really saw HTC make some excellent refinements and improvements to its already outstanding hardware design. And the good news is that the One (M8) will soon get a whole lot better with the addition of Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is one of the best new releases of Android we’ve seen yet.

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TechImperia1328d ago

i still doesnt get why htc conduct its it events it should launch its devices only in leaks this should save them whole lot of money and promotion

Sahil1323d ago

Sense 6 task switcher is actually very fast. You just have to realise that you must close open tasks in order (oldest first) if you want to do it fast. That way there is no anymation to wait for! I didn't know that for a long time just like the writer of this article.... I challenge anybody to find a faster interface!

Sahil1323d ago

Gets even better if you turn off animations in developer settings and reboot. Also, with the sense 6 toolbox and xposed you can enable a swipe down to clear all.

Sahil1323d ago

the stacked card task switcher seems INEFFICIENT to me.. if you had a TON of apps in the switcher, you'll be wasting tons of time just sliding through the cards. I rather liked the way HTC had a grid of 9x9 apps to switch from.

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