Cnet - SVS Prime Tower review

Cnet - The SVS Prime Tower is a well-built and great-sounding speaker for the money. The "3.5-way" design offers significantly more detail than standard two-way offerings. The speakers are capable of quite deep bass and work well in a home theater context. They're available in a stunning high-gloss black finish.

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Sahil1326d ago

Steve, how would these compare to something like the NHT Absolute Tower? They're about the same price, except the Absolute Tower is a sealed design.

Sahil1326d ago

"The sound's highly detailed character can lack intimacy". Ah...not sure what that means but, if it means it has very crisp and clear tweeter high notes then, I would love them. I remember when the pc of crap Bose Wave Radio came out many a moon ago.

Sahil1326d ago

Wow, I thought, does that sound like crap.You might have just thrown a towel over the speakers. I have listened to "a lot" of speakers in my too old life time. In my humble albeit perhaps ignorant opinion, speakers almost always sound like a towel has been placed over them.

Sahil1326d ago

When I had a terrific Alpine system installed in my car at Al n Ed's I stated that I wanted the sharp, hard 8 in. sub woofer and to tune out the mid range as much as possible. When I was a teenager it was called the, "west coast" sound. A basey, woofey sound. Can't stand it. And, I wouldn't like it in my home either. Give me a lot of power with great separation, terrific tweeter for outstanding highs and a sharp, hard sub woofer. And that is the way a band really sounds live. Just one man's opinion. Thanks for reading.