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Cnet - SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive review: Your iPad's best friend

Cnet - The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive instantly adds up to 64GB of storage space and it can work as a USB thumbdrive. Its iXpand Sync mobile app works very well both for media playback and content backup.

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Sahil996d ago

OR - you can just buy the Surface Pro 3 with up to 512 GIG of SSD Storage and do whatever the heck you want (including running hundreds of thousands of applications already available) and have FILE ATTACHMENTS (something you can NOT do on an Email with iXXX... (only pictures)

Sahil996d ago

ppears to be a handy little device. Although I don't anticipate buying one. My question refers to the comment about the device connecting at different angles. The pictue would lead one to believe it can be used as a stand for a iPad Mini. Was that the intent or am I missing something? I personally would not try using it as a stand based upon the article.

Sahil996d ago

$120 for the 64gb? Why not just buy the sandisk wirless media drive? 32gb onboard storage and an SD card slot which can be used to expand storage even further. No weird dongle hanging off your ipad/iphone. And you can access it at the same time with multiple devices. Super easy to use.

Sahil996d ago

There are better options I'm sure or at least there should be for iDevice users! ....and I certainly wouldn't trust it to stand my iPad mini on. Maybe against the wall, but not just out in the open.