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Engadget - Tesco Hudl2 review: The UK's best value tablet

Engadget - A supermarket turned tablet maker doesn't sound like the wisest of career progressions. Tesco's not your average supermarket, though. When you consider the Tesco machine also operates video- and music-streaming services, an e-book store and an online emporium selling everything from garden furniture to jewelry, having a low-cost, own-brand tablet to publicise them on makes a considerable amount of sense. Amazon makes it work with a similar potpourri of digital properties, after all.

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Sahil1476d ago

Atom processor? Might get one of these when people start sticking Linux on it.

Sahil1476d ago

Undoubtedly people have got a build for Linux for the Hudl. If I find one i will link it

Sahil1476d ago

Curious that the reviews of the Hudl (Mk 1) were pretty much unanimous in their praise of what a GOOD battery life it offered - and to be fair, when compared to other tablets in the same price range, it WAS more than acceptable. How much does an external rechargeable battery pack cost anyway? A tenner? OK, you'd have to order it from China to get one at that price, but it kind of fits-in with the Android "tradition" of being able to swap-out your phone's battery for a (fully charged) spare one.