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One year in, here's what our readers think of the Xbox One

Since the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One launched in North America last year, our readers have had plenty of time to get to know both systems. Last week, we took a look at what you had to say about the PlayStation 4 one year in. Now, we're shining a light on what you think of the Xbox One on its first anniversary. What works and what doesn't? And what still needs improvement?

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Devil-X1485d ago

It's cool but not as much as a PS4 though.

-Mezzo-1485d ago

As an owner of both PS4 & Xbox One, i agree with you.

Spiewie 1484d ago

Xbox has a better controller the rest goes to the PS4

TXIDarkAvenger1484d ago

Just a lot more that I want on One to be honest. I've been dying to see KI3 and its happened not to mention a trip of nostalgic from the Halo MCC. It's what my friends will be getting and that plays a huge factor for me because eh playing alone sucks.