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Qualcomm: Get ready for 4K smartphones

If you think the ultra-sharp Quad HD displays on today's state-of-the-art smartphones are as good as it gets, think again. According to Qualcomm, who builds many of today's key technologies in mobile, 4K smartphones are just around the corner, and they'll take pixel counts to an — arguably absurd — new level.

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Devil-X1485d ago

Are we looking at a 1000ppi now?

Anarki1484d ago

Really? what is the point in 4k on a small display like this?

Lionsguard1484d ago

Exactly, it's just a gimmick to trick dumb shoppers who don't know any better to upgrade to a 4K phone and also sell them extra batteries because they'll need it.

NovusTerminus1484d ago

To suck down battery life far more then needed.

kaozgamer1484d ago

Whats the point? I would rather have better battery life than 4k resolution on a small screen.

Soldierone1484d ago

It'd be better if these companies worked on functionality before adding extra useless crap to the phones. What happened to phones lasting days, not hours? What happened to strong builds, and clean buttons/touchscreens etc... It's all on the backburner and instead you get a phone that lasts 6 months, can't last a day without charge, but hey it's 4k, that's awesome right? You can watch most of a movie in "4k" that's worth 600 bucks!

ChrisW1484d ago

I'd be impressed if the GPU allows 4K output only. Otherwise it's a waste of processing power.

silvacrest1484d ago

but then the phone would take a hit in gaming performance

its not worth the battery drain, added cost, performance hit etc

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The story is too old to be commented.