Dell Starts Shipping Alienware Alpha PC Game Console

Dell originally intended for its Alienware Alpha console to be an official Steam Machine, though Valve threw a wrench in those plans when it delayed the platform in order tweak its Steam Controller to satisfaction. Instead of tossing aside all that R&D into building a console-sized game box for the PC, Dell re-marketed the device as the Alienware Alpha, and it's now begun shipping out to customers.

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Spiewie 1334d ago

It will be interesting to see how this competes with the ps4 xbox one and the Wii U.

Sahil1325d ago

Not bad... I'd have liked to see a configuration with 16GB and an AMD GPU. AMD is usually more energy-efficient and lower heat. (I just bought an ASUS mid-range card with dual fans that almost never run, even in most games. Spooky.)

Sahil1325d ago

Sure, the Alpha has a higher price tag than the current consoles. But even in its mid-range configurations, it should blow those toys out of the water. TRUE 1080p gaming, really nice Web browsing, no stupid restrictions on media formats, etc., etc., etc.

Sahil1325d ago

The Alpha also has LOTS more games available. As soon as you get it out of the box you can load up your entire existing library, which the consoles would ask you to abandon, or replace. Factor THAT into the price. Then allow, say, $200 (minimum!) in online fees over the life of a console, and the Alpha starts to look like a bargain.

Sahil1325d ago

"AMD is usually more energy-efficient and lower heat."

Do you have one shred of evidence to support that? Because it's 100% wrong.