Why You’ll Never Need a SIM Card to Travel Again

Sam Volkering of Tech Insider discusses the future of SIM cards and public WiFi.

"Earlier this year, the mayor of New York City asked for a bunch of proposals. These proposals were about what they should do with the thousands of unused payphones around NYC.

Back before the mobile phone revolution, payphones had a purpose. Now they’re useless relics of a bygone era.

After evaluating all the proposals, the mayor and his team decided that NYC’s payphones will become free Gigabit WiFi hotspots."

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Speed-Racer1335d ago

What? When I travel to the US, I the T-Mobile's $3 daily plan and get unlimited US calls, texts and data.

Sahil1325d ago

That is a cool idea, if they are deciding on payphones will become free Gigabit WiFi hotspots