Audi says it has 'mastered' hydrogen fuel cells and is ready to launch them

At the LA Auto Show today, Audi unveiled the A7 Sportback h-tron quattro, a modified version of its swoopy four-door coupe that swaps out the traditional drivetrain for a hydrogen fuel cell and electric motors at the front and rear. It'll go over 300 miles between refuelings, which take three minutes — a far cry from the hours that it can take to fully recharge a battery-powered electric vehicle. The h-tron is also a plug-in hybrid, which means you can connect it to charge a battery with roughly 31 miles of range.

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Devil-X1337d ago

300 miles without refueling... I am excited already.

metalmatters1335d ago

and 3 minutes to refill lol wow

ProjectVulcan1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )


Now just the small matter of being able to produce enough hydrogen cheaply and creating the massive infrastructure to dispense it.


Spiewie 1336d ago

It will take a good while for this to be put into use.

level 3601336d ago

Think Audi is just saying they are "now" in a very positive position on how to progress hydrogen technology.

Which just means "now" it's up to the people/organizations who would like to put capital investments in building the plants and also to hold talks with governments on how to push things further.

metalmatters1335d ago

oil companies are gonna shit bricks and do everything in their power to bury this tech forever