Bing-powered Yahoo! replaces Google as Firefox' default Search Engine

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! CEO today announced her company is entering into a five-year partnership with Mozilla to replace Google as the default search engine for the world's third largest web browser, Firefox. The change in default search engines will first be rolled out to Firefox users in the U.S. on mobile and desktop devices in December.

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MK24ever1336d ago

I tought Mozilla wanted to improve, not downgrade...

no_more_heroes1336d ago

Was reading yesterday that Google may have purposely allowed themselves to be outbid, because of Firefox's waning influence and complete non-presence on mobile.

Speed-Racer1336d ago

Non presence in what sense?

no_more_heroes1336d ago


In the sense that, in terms of mobile browsers, not many people use Firefox.

SilentNegotiator1336d ago

Again? Whatever; you can fix it in 10 seconds.

kingPoS1336d ago

I'll just reassign google as a search engine, simple as.

Devil-X1336d ago

How does it matter really?? There are people who use duckduckgo as well.