OCZ Trots Out Vertex 460A SSD Series Using Toshiba A19 NAND Flash

OCZ may have learned a lesson from its competitors that swapping NAND flash memory in an existing solid state drive line tends to irritate customers. Rather than go that route with its Vertex 460 line and risk a public outcry, OCZ this week announced its new Vertex 460A SSD family using newer A19 Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash memory chips provided by its parent company, Toshiba.

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Sahil1327d ago

OCZ is a Toshiba company, so their products will shine.

Price this particular bad-boy just under $200 and they will fly off the shelves...

TechImperia1327d ago

I doubt if it will be under $200.

Sahil1327d ago

Say what you will, but all I've ever owned is OCZ SSDs, I've had to send one in for replacement since the original Vertex came out, and they cross shipped with me. Their forum is a good spot to pick up tips and troubleshooting as well.