Samsung will finally give up on gadget spam next year

Samsung has used smartphone buyers in previous years to seeing a wide variety of Galaxy-branded smartphone and tablet versions in stores, as the company tried to meet all the various smartphone requirements customers might have, both when it comes to features and prices. While the smartphone spam strategy worked well in Samsung’s favor for a few years, helping the Korean giant get a large share of the Android market by selling plenty of entry-level and mid-range handsets on top of flagship devices, that might not be enough for the company anymore, whose mobile division isn’t as profitable as it used to be.

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Spiewie 1337d ago

They should just stick to their high end devices as they are consistently in the top tier of performance and popularity.

Sahil1328d ago

Finally, samsung shud just give up everything, that'll be sweet.

TechImperia1328d ago

If samsung gives up everything it's gonna take a huge toll on many country's economy and may be including yours as well.