Nvidia's Mightly Tesla K80 Accelerator Packs Two GPUs, 24GB of GDDR5 Memory

If there are any kids within earshot, send them off to play or cover their ears before reading any further, we wouldn't want their little ears being exposed to excited obscenities that may follow. As in, "Holy sh*t, how much RAM!?" Try 24GB of GDDR5 memory, which is how much Nvidia decided to use on its Tesla K80 dual-GPU accelerator, the new flagship offering in the Tesla family.

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hiredhelp1337d ago

Thats a Whopper this generally over take most peoples dedicated system memory 4-8-16gb
Still its sign of things to come now in world of PCs not just Nvidia but sure AMD.

Sahil1329d ago

"Access denied"
"You are not authorized to access this page." -Stupid buggy maximumpc website this morning.

anyway, this videocard may be nice 10 years later.

Sahil1329d ago

Anyway, this isn't a videocard. If you can't tell the difference just by looking at it (nowhere to plug a monitor in), maybe you can by it's description on Nvidia's site?

Sahil1329d ago

well NASA could use this. this is for simulation stuff i think. interesting. is this like a physics card?