Sony's new sensor could bring DSLR-like autofocus to phones

While there's speculation that multi-sensor phone cameras are the next big thing, Sony has just launched a sensor that will likely make its smartphone cameras better soon. The latest Exmor RS IMX230 is a so-called stacked CMOS sensor that squeezes an effective 21-megapixels into a 1/2.4-inch sized form factor. The killer feature, however, is built-in 192-point phase-detection autofocus, which will keep fast-moving subjects sharp. The new chip also has integrated HDR for high-res stills and 4K video to save shots that are overly backlit or in shadow (see the image below).

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Sahil1327d ago

This isn't "raising the bar." I have last year's 41-megapixel bar-raiser coming in the mail right now. Should be here tomorrow.