Net Neutrality Finally Marches Forward, But You Still Need To Take Action

GamersNexus: "Whether or not you agree with his choices on healthcare or Iran or what color tie he wears doesn’t really matter here, but the President voicing an opinion on the important matter of net neutrality is important for normal people."

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ChrisW1344d ago

Let's look at it this way...

All of the negative things you hear about Net Neutrality are from people who are going to lose a lot of money because of it. Screw them! They aren't going to be giving you any of their money if you support them. Thus you technically have no valid reason to oppose Net Neutrality.

Kurylo3d1344d ago

but but but... obama says its good... doesnt that mean its bad? lol

Yes we need net neutrality if u cant see through clowning of republicans.