Can the Xbox One catch the PS4 in sales?

This reason is also why you don't see EA Access on PS4. Sony wants to lock you into their ecosystem with no way out so you'll have to give them money if you want to do anything with a PlayStation. If Sony was as open to other companies as Microsoft was, then it could potentially destroy their already slim profit margins.

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MrOlympia741340d ago

You have to understand that its very passible in the US, as this was Microsoft's turf last gen and the gap in sales there is rather small. Maybe not worldwide, but it doesn't matter so much unless the gap is very big. Sony is going broke

miyamoto1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Yet another #damagecontrol press release by M$, eh?

Look around you, mate. The writing is on the wall no well informed consumer trusts M$ nor its products anymore - especially when Xbox One blew it big time last year.

For 10 months in a row majority of American gamers want the PS4 more over the Xbox. Something you and M$ can not deny nor hide forever.

M$ can never release sales figures for the Xbox One because its embarrassingly abysmal. Even you loyal to can't even get figures from your beloved M$, can you? You guys are in the dark & lost.

You compare Xbox One with PS4, Bing with Google, Windows with Android and iOS, Windows Phone with Android & iPhone, Surface with Android & iPad, Internet Explorer with Firefox & Chrome, Windows PC with tablets and smartphones....

M$ might have hundreds of billions of dollars but the well informed consumers has spoken with their wallets- no amount of money from M$ can buy their trust.

Devil-X1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

You cannot restrict everything to US, and believe me there's no chance Microsot's Xbox One is getting ahead of Sony's PS4, Worldwide.

VforVideogames1340d ago

It happened before, it'll happen again.

SilentNegotiator1339d ago

Fill me in...when did that happen?

ProjectVulcan1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Xbox One has had literally massive price cuts, loads of bundling, and a much better 12 months for games. It's still not exactly flying off the shelves world wide.

Sony have done virtually nought with PS4 pricing and bundling has been limited. But all they have to do is knock $50 off it next year and it'll streak away again.

They can just wait and see. PS4's exclusive games drought won't last forever, and once big hitters arrive combined with maybe their first price cut in the next 12 months, it'll probably just increase the gap.

Saigon1339d ago

I agree with your comment but disagree about the games for the PS4. Well informed gamers know that the PS4 has the most games of the 2 systems. Also they would tell you the first half of the year was owned by Sony. Exclusive after exclusive released while MS released Titan Fall. After TF nothing until recently this fall with Forza, Sunset Overdrive and Halo Remake. Sony still has one exclusive left to release this year, LittleBigPlanet 3.

We need to be carful about making statements about who has games because is a matter of opinion.

ProjectVulcan1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

I disagree with you. Partly because your comment is condescending and partly because it contradicts itself- passing trite judgement on the games available and then claiming right after one must be careful about doing just that....

You also you seem to suggest quantity overrides quality.

Sony's biggest, highest rated exclusive game this year and highest rated one on metacritic for PS4 is a HD update of one launched only 12 months prior.

Studying the top rated games closely also show that PS4's lineup albeit certainly wider, is inundated with remakes, ports or updates to smaller titles, often indies and usually on another platform albeit older versions.

Xbox One isn't much better in that regard.

Informed gamers might tell you that these machines have not exactly had a stellar 12 months unless you are mad for remakes and updates.

However it's difficult to argue that Xbox One doesn't have a better holiday lineup by some distance with more exclusives and several more NEW IPs of full games the past 12 months, which should drive sales best- this is the period of most sales naturally.

Despite this, Xbox One is not easily closing the gap. Sony have the advantage and all they need is some triple A games, big hitters and hit new IPs to finish the job.

ReturnToSanity1339d ago

Yeah because the PS3 never caught up to the 360 when Microsoft was crushing Sony last gen for nearly 10 years straight....


thorstein1339d ago

Don't they have to catch the Wii U first?

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GiantEnemyCrab1340d ago

Yes, especially if they keep pumping out the best games so far this gen.

amiga-man1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

MS have never pumped out games they have neither the studios or talent, they are blowing everything over christmas in an effort to keep up with the PS4, 2015 Sony starts to flex it's studio muscle.

ReturnToSanity1339d ago

That's funny because Phill Spencer announced MORE games I 2015 than this holiday. Nice try though.

amiga-man1339d ago

Yes but has he announced more games than Sony, good try though

kaozgamer1340d ago

Maybe in the US but not worldwide

quenomamen1340d ago

Yea if Sony just stops making PS4s,

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