Galaxy Alpha vs HTC One E8 – overpriced vs must have

"The Galaxy Alpha is Samsung’s attempt at a smartphone with a premium build, something fans have been asking for for ages now. While the company did manage to revamp the Galaxy Alpha and make it look like a premium phone with a metal design, the phone can’t boast with powerhouse specs or innovative features."

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Minimoth1345d ago

As much as I like Samsung, the Alpha isn't really worth it for that price.

emilysmithltg1345d ago

Even if I were asked to choose between the E8 and M8, I think the E8 would be my choice, but I'm not a fan of a metal chassis anyway.

Devil-X1345d ago

Alpha is a really cool phone, though not for me I would prefer note 4 if I had to go with Samsung.

Spiewie 1344d ago

The alpha doesn't have the adequate specs for its price. Bad investment...