KnowTechie Review: System Mechanic Fixes and Speeds Up Your Old PC

Looking to speed up that old PC of yours? I got a chance to review the System Mechanic. Find out here to see if it's worth the hype.

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KnowTechie1345d ago

Overall, it did it's job.

Spiewie 1345d ago

I'm going to give this a try. I downloaded CCleaner today and it helped a bit but the computer is still a little bit slow even though I ran a factory reset on it last week.

KnowTechie1344d ago

Let me know how it works out

Spiewie 1344d ago

Being honest it didn't do much good my computer actually started freezing... Ccleaner is the savior program. My computer is quite old though so that could have been the issue.

KnowTechie1344d ago

I had a hiccup when doing the quick analysis, I restarted my computer and that seemed to work