Samsung lawsuit claims that NVIDIA's benchmarks are misleading

Samsung definitely isn't taking NVIDIA's first patent lawsuit lying down. The Korean tech firm has countersued NVIDIA not just for allegedly infringing on six patents, but for leading buyers astray with benchmarks for the Shield Tablet. NVIDIA is supposedly trying to "confuse customers" by claiming that the slate's Tegra K1 processor outpaces the Exynos 5433 chip in the Galaxy Note 4; regular benchmarks show that's not true, Samsung claims. The suit also accuses PC vendor Velocity Micro of violating two additional patents (for a total of eight), since NVIDIA's graphics cards play a heavy role in its lineup.

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Devil-X1340d ago

Misleading or not, but shield is definitely one of the fastest tablet around I musty say.

ChrisW1340d ago

Fudged numbers are easy to prove. Simply provide an overclocked system displaying a stock-clocked readout and no one is any wiser.