Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Humanity

AI experts Nick Bostrom, James Barrat and Peter Voss weigh in on the existential threat that is superintelligent Artificial Intelligence.

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Tiqila1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

they have watched too much of Transcendence and iRobot. Without the support of advanced computer systems providing some sort of artificial intelligence, humanity will not be for very long. Humans are not rational, are self-interested and they hate things they don't understand. This will always lead to war and since weapons get ever more destructive humanity will have to struggle for survival. Pollution is another good argument, who will stop china, america or russia to kill our atmosphere? A rational computer agent could help I think. Humans will never live in peace with each other, I don't know why, but history and the presence confirm this supposition.

Interesting read though, both sides have good arguments.