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Galaxy Note 4 – Samsungs Next S-Pen Smartphone

The last smartphone in Samsung’s Note series was the Samsung Galaxy Note III, released in late September 2013. Its almost been a year since then, and now we’ve received a pleasant surprise from Samsung, a teaser video of their next Note phone line-up, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. (Gadgets, Galaxy Note 4, Phone, Phones, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Smartphone)

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JamshiJack  +   267d ago
there hasn't been an real rival alternative to the Galaxy Note so far and may not find one soon
LogicalReason  +   267d ago
Other than the S-Pen I think the LG G2 and G3 are far superior phones...especially in the design category.
JamshiJack  +   267d ago
I agree with the point but S Pen functionality makes this one a Note and make it stand out from the crowd... So as an alternative to Note , no but as a phone yes !!
ssean227  +   267d ago
Far superior as in what way? Other than the g3 being a half year newer. The specs on them are nearly identical. Talking about the note 3 not the 4. And if we are talking about the 4 the note has it beat in just about every category because it's newer.
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LogicalReason  +   266d ago

Not really now. The G3 does have a 1440p screen (which is gorgeous!), the Snapdragon 801, and I think a much better design like the buttons on the back.

Design wise, spec wise...only thing I see that might make the Note 3 better for some is the stylus. Other than that I think the G3 has it by a good bit.

Now ofcourse the Note 4 is better. 1440p AMOLED (even better!), Snapdragon 805, stylus, etc...design wouldn't matter to me with specs like those!

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