iPhone 6 Leak compared to iPhone 5s HD Video

Gadget Mill: We are currently a week away from Apple’s iPhone 6 reveal event and we are now again provided with more leaked content. This time in the form of a video!

This leaked HD video pretty much confirms our previous leaks from Feld & Volk who recently leaked the parts of the iPhone. It shows the iPhone 6 assembled and compared to the predecessor iPhone 5s.

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deadlydragon1211200d ago

Looks a bit like a flashy overgrown iPod Touch - which isn't necessarily a bad look. Makes me wonder what would happen to the iPod Touch series or if it will cease to exist?

Sahil1200d ago

I hope they release two, one big and one with the same size as 5S. Dont like big phones -_-

deadlydragon1211200d ago

I don't think they will buddy - unless they do something with the 5c range. Not sure if that interests you haha :)

Sahil1197d ago

Plastic and Big Screens.. BIG NO!

SouthClaw1200d ago

won't happen there will be two a 4.7 and a 5.5

Sahil1197d ago

That's what i'm hoping.

badz1491200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

first, we have Apple suing Samsung over design and I think it won't be long now for Samsung to do it back to Apple.

and up till now Apple fanboys/fanatics criticize big Android phones. now that Apple is also going 5+", see them hypocrites say how it's better!

deadlydragon1211199d ago

It does make the iPhone better however in the neutral consumer's point of view.

hkgamer1200d ago

i guess the shape of the phone has changed due to them making the phone bigger. from the video, the phone seem to lack quality. also seems like they going towards the samsung route.

im. ot going to get an iphone anyway but it is sad, i always thought the older versions had the quality look.

My_Outer_Heaven1200d ago

Kinda looks like the Xperia Z3 on the side.. I bet the Z3 will still pack much better specs than this overpriced Apple product.

Speed-Racer1199d ago

Great body but the specs are underwhelming.