CenturyLink plans 1-gigabit Internet service for Twin Cities

CenturyLink Inc., the main provider of land-line phone service in the Twin Cities, said Tuesday it is juicing the speed of its metro Internet service, aiming for the 1,000-megabits-per-second rate already seen in densely populated Asian cities.

That speed, also known as 1 gigabit per second, is available immediately in selected residential areas and for some small businesses, the company said.

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ajax171442d ago

Some cities get all the luck... come on, Google, expand your fiber network already!

slinky1234561441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Google needs to realize they could capitalize on the market if they stepped up and just put the money out there to expand the Fiber network, so you know, they could make the BILLIONS cable companies are making. Of course it's "illegal" to do so in some areas, cause the "legal" set-monopolistic-market by cable companies for their agreements not to be in each others area gets past laws -_-