Leaving Earth made the moon lemon-shaped

Leaving home can change you – and the moon is no exception. As it drifted away from its parent, Earth, the pull of our planet's gravity gave it an odd bulge on each side and a tilted axis. Uncovering the mystery behind its unusual shape is a step towards finding out exactly when and how the moon formed.

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TechImperia969d ago

Keep Calm and Make Lemonade.

Porcelain_Chicken968d ago

Why can i not go into a state of panic and make lemonade? :0

TechImperia968d ago

Relax Buddy that was just some humour

UltraNova967d ago

Cause in panic state you could reach for bleach instead of lemonade? Perhaps? Maybe? Just sayin since you asked...

OT: Well its good we know how is the moon being affected by earth's gravity, what I wanna know is how the moons gravity affects our brains while it pulls them all day long for 70+/- years!