Youth hacks into Microsoft site, held

A youth from Chennai who hacked into Microsoft website and stole product keys was arrested by Central Bureau of Investigation on Friday.

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Gezmoyassine1454d ago

And now MS will hire this Kid to make use of his talent.

Gondee1454d ago

You can pretty easily steal from a bank too, but not getting caught is the hard part. Thats my understanding of "hacking"

pandehz1453d ago

You can pretty easily TRY to steal from a bank too


TechImperia1454d ago

Yes its like that
Commuting crime is easy but not getting caught is the hardest part of it

kevinsheeks1454d ago

This is actually pretty close I've seen several hackers say they have access to accounts but the fear of taking advantage of them makes them not touch them lol

TechImperia1454d ago

Now a days fear works more than ethics