Cellphone unlocking bill clears U.S. House, heads to Obama

The U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation on Friday to give mobile-phone users the right to 'unlock' their devices and use them on competitors' wireless networks, something that is now technically illegal.

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proudly_X1396d ago

Goodnews! High time corporations stop messing with us. Afterall, it's our money.. not theirs!!!

Devil-X1395d ago

Dude its theirs if they are providing some service in return.

proudly_X1395d ago

You are wrong! Providing a service doesn't make us slaves to them..

Devil-X1395d ago

I was referring to the limited amount of money we pay in exchange for that service NOT US. so slavery is out of the question..

Speed-Racer1395d ago

@Devil-X - If your mobile partner locked your phone, how would you feel if you needed to switch to another network or not be able to put in a new SIM when you're abroad? Would you buy a new phone just for a few days or weeks?

Soldierone1394d ago

Not really. Phones would cost that "limited amount" to begin with if carriers didn't step in. They work out deals with manufactures to increase the retail prices of phones so that carriers can provide them at a "discount" when someone signs a contract.

The only ones that don't really do that are Google, and I've walked into several phone stores lately and the Nexus wasn't on display in any of them.

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ajax171395d ago

YES! Our government has actually accomplished something!

Evildoomnerd1395d ago

I am as shocked as you! On a normal day in Washington, it seems like time and tax dollars are squandered on political pissing contests.

SilentNegotiator1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

It's a good thing they came together for something as top priority as cell phone unlocking....

MajorGecko1395d ago

im sure each of them suffered this issue personally unlike everything else on their agenda

RazMaTaz01211395d ago

Yeah dont worry about the massacre in Gaza, this is clearly more important. Stupid retarded President.

TheFallenAngel1395d ago

That's not his problem to begin with. He should worry only about the US. Not other countries. It's not his responsibility.

Soldierone1394d ago

Let's see if carriers step in and "add some funds to a campaign" at the last second that makes this change.... so annoying. Why was this allowed to begin with?