AMD 12 Core A-Series APU Possibly Inbound – PR Material Hinting Twelve Steamroller Cores Found

WCCFTech: I noticed something pretty interesting posted over at Planet3DNow. Basically the guys over there have managed to find an AMD PR image that was posted under the #AMDEvolved twitter handle (I couldn’t find the picture myself, but I probably didn’t look hard enough). The picture depicts 12 AMD Robots. Since the robots are an analogy for cores, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that AMD is planning something with 12 Cores.

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gapecanpie1451d ago

4 cpu core + 8 gpu compute cores = 12

Just AMD PR Marketing towards the uneducated and trying to taking advantage of people who know nothing about computer tech.

I am starting to hate AMD... ALOT!!!

I would rather have 12 actual cpu cores...