See Google's creepy, four-legged robot make its movie debut in 'Young Ones' trailer

Even incredible tech and robots can't guarantee a beautiful future. The upcoming sci-fi western Young Ones takes place in a desert of a world where water shortages have everyone struggling to survive. But the movie's setting and good looks aren't all that's interesting about it: one of its stars, of sorts, is a replica of Google's somewhat-terrifying BigDog robot.

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UnwanteDreams1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Thats a ripoff of DARPAs big dog. NM same robot. Not googles.

Rute1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

The big dog was made by Boston Dynamics, which used to work for DARPA but is now owned by Google.

UnwanteDreams1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Ahh I see, you are correct, looked into it and DARPA has a militarized version as well.