Chuck E Cheese pulls its plug on Oculus Rift project due to potential seizures

I have some unfortunate news because of the possibility of seizure’s or epileptic fits Chuck E Cheese has pulled all of its testing with the Oculus Rift until further notice. They simply stated that “It is just to high of a risk for injury’s at this current juncture and we are not ready to take that kind of risk.”

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JoeIsMad1457d ago

This sucks, but at least the kids stay safe at the arcade.

Stevefantisy1457d ago

I could see all the YouTube video's already if they kept the testing going.

ROQFrost1456d ago

Lol even Chuck E Cheese knows when to pull out.

JoeIsMad1456d ago

All the while Facebook is buying in.

Stevefantisy1456d ago

Lol I did find that there are some setting adjustments that can be made to the refresh rate to reduce this. So who knows if they can dial it in better maybe the cheese will buy back in.