Sony's Walkman Makes Comeback

Thirty five years after its debut, Sony Corp. Walkman is enjoying a little comeback.

But while the original cassette player of 1979 heralded the age of mass-market, portable music, the new $700 Walkman is aimed at premium buyers, as technological advances help more audio-on-the go users head upscale.

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proudly_X1433d ago

Comeback kid, but $700 is way over-priced. Sony and Apple pricing philosophy is way over the top.

hkgamer1433d ago

that is $700 converted price.

us has always had cheaper priced prosducts.

this will be around $500 or less in US i think. actually not evensure if sony will bother with US.

this will sell quite a few, but its definitely a niche product for music enthusiasts or people who love holding a seperate music device.

MEsoJD1432d ago

Sony needs to price more competitively.

chaoslh1432d ago

You can't make a Lambo price competitive

SilentNegotiator1432d ago

Well, they do still have the cheap walkmans for under $100, 16GB.

1432d ago
plmkoh1432d ago

They have Walkmans priced from $50 to $700, from basic usb stick players to hi-res premium players.

Overpriced is only what you think.

TechImperia1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

@Proudly_X I would disagree as the look and feel of a Sony or Samsung product is completely different from what Samsung or LG are offering.. Of course the Apple and Sony products feel more premium as well..

hkgamer1433d ago

apple products never really felt premium to me. ive been a sony (fanboy?) buyer for quite a while and ive always felt that their products had a quality feel to it.

samsung and LG ireleases the cheapest products.

cell9891432d ago

So true have you seen the back cover of the new S5? It's super flimsy, I could so easily break it trying to replace the Xperia Z2 exels in quality, feels sturdy/solid. Don't know about LG never had one in hand.

SirBradders1432d ago

Apple products have never felt premium, you can literally squeeze the phone and feel the hollowness, they mark so easy the battery is pants and they freeze all the time. All the marketing makes people think it's premium and part of something they yern to be in.

yezz1432d ago

My almost four year old iPhone 4 has never freezed completely and it rarely has any hiccups. I've dropped it in the sink while the water was running and once it fell on the concrete while cycling. Maybe you've just used faulty devices..

While being very pricey I've always rated Apples products fairly high when it comes to built quality.

eferreira1432d ago

my over 4 year old iphone still works great after some crazy abuse. Battery still lasts a day. I think your trolling sir.

SirBradders1432d ago

@ the above in no way I'm trolling I went through 3 4s's in 2 months and everytime I got it 2 weeks down the line it started going crazy. The batteries have always been shit tell me something why is it I work in construction and every operative on site is always asking to charge their phones and it's always an iPhone. Don't label me a troll because you disagree with my opinion.

I could say I think your trolling because of your opinion but I won't because I understand everyone's experience and opinions differ in life.

stripe8141432d ago

i just wish my phone has a built in radio

cell9891432d ago

My lovely Xperia Z2 does #kickassphone