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Submitted by TechImperia 573d ago | news

Xbox One August update to add new activity feed, mobile purchases, low battery notification

Microsoft today detailed what gamers can expect in the next Xbox One update, which is expected to arrive in August. There are eight additions and changes the company has highlighted: activity feed updates, expanded Friends area on Home, mobile purchases, low battery notification, (Gadgets, Gaming, Microsoft, Xbox One)

TechImperia  +   573d ago
Not a big deal oI think
cityboy100  +   573d ago
Good to hear keep the updates coming. Now can u add the eject disk feature from my controller so I don't l have to touch my Xbox , like my ps 4.
Software_Lover  +   573d ago
................ This makes no sense to me. You would still have to get up.

Nevermind. Nice word play there. You stated touch your Xbox, nothing about getting up.
1nsomniac  +   573d ago
I have to agree with him I always select eject disc first before getting up for my PS4. I dont like having to get up to press eject & wait around for the disc to come out.

It may only be a couple of seconds but it's just a little thing I like. The 360 had it too so I'm sure the XBone will get it soon enough.
s45gr32  +   573d ago
Good features

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