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Why Microsoft is killing Nokia X

New York: The Nokia X phones that Microsoft discontinued this week blend two rival operating systems, but leave out the best of each.
As a result, the devices didn't become a runaway hit as Nokia's low-cost answer to serving emerging markets.

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AllAboutGaming1464d ago

Why did Microsoft buy Nokia? They aren't a market leader like they used to be and they cost Microsoft billions of dollars. Horribly run company.

iamnsuperman1464d ago

Because who else are they going to buy? Microsoft is struggling making Wndows popular on mobiles (in a market where there are hundreds of Android variants what were they expecting?). Nokia (recently) has a good reputation for making phones. Probably I see is Microsoft has created a situation where they are trying to replicate Apple's model (one device sell the platform) which would have worked before Android took off