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Sony Xperia Z3 to Offer 802.11ac Wireless?

SonyRumors: Thanks to the FCC, we believe that the Sony Xperia Z3, the next flagship Android smartphone will offer 802.11ac wireless with speeds of 500(500 Mbit/s).

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bebitech1408d ago

Wouldn't that be something

seanpitt231407d ago

I only bought the z2 a couple of months ago wow it seems new phones are coming out every week.

iamnsuperman1407d ago

Same thing happened with me with the Z. I literally got one and the next one had come out. I get why companies do this but it always makes you feel behind the times. Still not upgrading until my contract runs out (next june)

cell9891407d ago

I just got my Z2 a month ago dang it

sealava1407d ago

almost bought a Z2 ..
guess I'll wait for Z3 :)

Zefros1407d ago

i am bying z3 when it comes out, have z1 right now, great phone!