Why Has the Growth in Tablets Stalled?

When Apple released their Q1 earnings in late April, they reported sales of iPads were down substantially over last year’s same quarter. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated part of the reason for a decline in iPad demand this year is, in Q1 of 2013, there was pent-up demand for the iPad mini and a backlog from the holiday quarter that got filled during this period. He went on to say while they did not sell as many as the financial analysts had projected during the last quarter, Apple was happy with their unit sales that met their own internal predictions.

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Revvin1462d ago

The technology has not advanced far enough to give most tablet users a reason to upgrade. Most people use them for browsing the net and reading email and my iPad 3 still does that very well. I know its not the fastest tablet on the market but the screen is still incredibly crisp and I've seen nothing that warrants me spending a few hundred pounds on.