Extend the battery life of your PS4 controller

Love your Playstation 4 controller but you’re tired of the battery only lasting a few hours? Well with a little help from Nyko Technologies we can now double the battery life to extend our game time.

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Magnus7011461d ago

Wow that looks bulky....but what did I expect?

Stevefantisy1461d ago

It looks better than I expected truly the only way to make it completely natural of course would be to replace the existing battery. Unless your simply a Playstation hater?

Magnus7011461d ago

I'm just say that it looks like it could get uncomfortable. Some of the reviews on Amazon also mention that it makes it harder to press L2 and R2 for hands bigger than small. Here is one:

"After some heavy use gaming with these on my controller i have decided to return them for a full refund. The reason for this is that i found that battery pack tends to prevent me from using the L2 & R2 triggers properly and i found this to be a very annoying and isn't not worth it. My finger kept bumping into the battery pack almost every other time."

Stevefantisy1461d ago

I was simply giving you a hard time :) I read through some of those and thought to myself that it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a device like this. Truthfully Sony needs to make a way for users to be able to shut off that LED in the front and that would extend the life of the battery a bit more I am sure.

Jacktrauma1461d ago

Ah Nyko, you've always been there for us haven't you? :)

Stevefantisy1461d ago

They have tried their best for sure lets hope we don't have issues with spreading out the usb port on the controller like some of their other items have done in the past. To be fair that was a long time ago.

JoeIsMad1461d ago

It's a nice accessory, but it looks heavy, and it's definitely huge. The battery lasts for 7-8 hours now.

AiirJordann231461d ago

I have one it is bulky and I usually have to charge the battery pack and the controller together so when the controller goes dead I just turn the battery pack on and it charges the controller. It works pretty good overall it's a good battery pack

dizzlewizz08231460d ago

Nyko makes really smart gaming and battery charging devices, great company in my opinion///