Microsoft to Make Biggest Round of Job Cuts in 5yrs. Is CEO Satya Nadella Truly Committed to Xbox?

Twinfinite: Right at the stroke of midnight EST, Bloomberg reported that the Microsoft Corporation is planning to make its biggest round of job cuts in five years in order to help integrate Nokia Oyj’s handset unit within Microsoft. But what does this mean for Xbox? Let's take a look.

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AllAboutGaming1462d ago

They should get rid of the Xbox and Surface. They are losing money hand over fist on these products. If the losses MS has taken from Xbox were not hidden in with the $2b per year profit from Android patents the investors would be calling for blood.

They should focus on what they do best - software and services.

iamnsuperman1462d ago

To me the Surface business model makes zero sense. They need the windows platform to become big on mobile devices but they have made the surface a niche product by trying to make the thing a laptop as well which has then increased the price to ridiculous heights. They aren't going to get business either since business are more concerned about cost effectiveness (tablets are cool but laptops are far cheaper and now android have created a cheap product market which they are dominating in)