Microsoft ranks 2nd in having most attractive employees, Apple is dead last

Wall Street Journal published an interesting finding today which looked at the data collected by a social match-making app called “Hinge” which basically works similar to the “Hot or Not” system – swipe left to indicate you’re not interested in the person presented, or swipe right to indicate that you’re interested or attracted to the person on the screen.

Hinge took employment information of some of their users to try and figure out which company in the tech world has the best looking employees.

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sandysea1462d ago

Didn't expect that from Apple. But I have to say I also didn't expect that Amazon had so many attractive people.

thorstein1462d ago

How can Apple have "negative" attractability?

Are the employees at Apple actually repulsive?

AllAboutGaming1462d ago

Microsoft has beautiful people, but Apple makes beautiful products.

Apple wins.

airam1462d ago

I thought Microsoft made the more beautiful products. All one has to do is look at the Surface and Lumia device. Nothing Apple makes is even remotely in the same league in terms of functionality and design

darkwalker1462d ago

That makes sense, given that Microsft probably employs more corporate types (who have to be presentable) versus Apple who tends to hire more engineers (who just have to be smart).

dota2champion1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

No wonder Microsoft is losing in Search Engine, Game Console, and Portable products department.